Hoover 4/6

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  1. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    Finally got out on the water and hit the northeast side yesterday for about 4 hours. Water was heavily stained but not quite chocolate milk. It was slow going. Managed a few crappie but there didn't seem to be a pattern. Caught em all at various depths. Nothing but minnows seemed to work. Tried vib"e", roadrunners, and jig/twister without anything. Probably a few weeks away but it was nice to get a little sunburned.
  2. I got out on Hoover Sunday too. Fished the South east flats and coves for 5 hours in the morning. Not a single bit. There was a little bit of fish activity on the surface right a dawn.

  3. I checked out Oxbow on Saturday. Slabs hit on lipless crankbaits. Males seemed to like pink/white hair jigs tipped with crappie nibbles. No fast action, but they were feeding and hitting harder than last weekend. Most hits were two feet and less below the surface. Deeper fish didn't seem interested at all.
  4. Spidey-were you on shore or in boat at Oxbow?
  5. Neither. I float tubed.
  6. I fished red bank area on kayak for 3+ hrs sat. morning using plastic worms, jigs, spinners...Nothing.. Took nephews out sunday afternoon to the creek mouth and hit it with minnows for 2 hrs, nothing...Although i did see a ton of bass jumping in the creek in galena, not small ones either, enough to keep me motivated