hoover 4/27 crappie fishing

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    fished hoover with net today from about 10 till 4,and found the action to be much slower than thursday.i think the incoming front had some effect on the crappies.we fished far north shoreline cover with tubes,jigs,minnies and roadrunners.worked outside cover off the break into 6-8 feet,inside the thick stuff in as little as a foot of water and everywhere in between.only managed a couple dozen fish at most,with an even dozen keepers of 10 inches and over,but no slabs:(
    catch was probably 50/50 roadrunners and jig/minnie.favorite flavors were chart/black and blue/white.
    others were picking up fish,but we didn't see any particular pattern producing more than an occasional fish.my guess is they'll pull back to deeper water with the front moving in this week.

    thanks terry,for a nice day on the water:)
  2. Glad to hear you got out with net today rick,talked with guys in fishing other lakes today as well and it was slower for them as well. Same guys got 100+ fish yesterday worked for 35 today at Oshay. I agree this weeks weather could make next weekends Crappie tourney interesting with tuffer fishing conditions. They have been smacking crappies there all last week and weekend. Guys said smaller baits and tubes were best baits today worked tight to cover fish were not in chasing mood. :) Hey Terry any grass pics of the dozen you guys got today? ;)


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    We (Dad and I) burnt up 4 dozen minnies this afternoon up in Galena in the canoe.

    Every stinking one was 12" or so....managed around 20 (didn't cout) keepers before we hit the woods for shrooms. Was a great day!
  4. I was fishing hoover yesterday afternoon. The crappie was really slow yesterday. There were about 20 people fishing, but I only saw may be 5 fish caught between 5 to 7:30pm. I did got a 10inch crappie and about the same size largemouth with roadrunner. Floating minnie didn't buy a bite at all. I guess there were just few fish in shallow.
  5. Glad someone did well in Galena. How deep was the fish, if you don't mind?
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    I was out at Alum today for a few hours... Dad was throwing boober and minnow while I worked the 2" white twister...

    We caught about 15 only 3 were 9"+. Talkled to a guy on the way in that bought the rest of the minnows off us and they seemed to be doing well...

    Still a nice day to be out... fish or no fish...
  7. 4 keepers tonight. still wading and throwing chart rr in Galena north of 3c. Was putting one on the stringer and another one came up and hit my lure that was dangling in the water. :p I haven't caught many workin' it. Maybe I should just stand there and do nothin':rolleyes:

    Well, let me clean these and put them in the freezer with the rest of my catch for the week. I almost have enough for a fish sandwich!

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    We were fishing minnies under bobber about 3-4 foot deep.
  9. I have been out on a local lake twice so far (in the last week) and have not yet managed to zero in on them yet. Friday night we ventured out again with no minnows so it was strictly jigging. We managed enough for a meal but the bite was slow. The bright side of it was that all that were caught ranged from 10-12.5". We didn't find anything consistent until after dark. Had I not forgotten our headlamps and had I checked and replaced a burnt our bulb in the transom light we may have finished with a nice night. We were getting them at that point in 6-10' of water slowly swimming jigs over the deep brush. I am still waiting for them to catch on fire.
  10. My pleasure Rick. You were right, the average size is way up this year. Let's hope mother nature bestows some mild temps and southerly breezes on this year's spawn. ;)

    Rats...I meant to take a few pics while we were on the water yesterday. I had 4 acres of grass waiting to be cut when I got home so I wasn't in the mood to be taking pics of it too...lol
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    Glad u getting out rick after departin wit your boat. My days fishing early bird gets the worm at hoover. ;) The bite is so much better first light then the crappies move and move often. Learnin to try and follow the schools instead of stayin in one place has helped me get a few more fish once the morning bite slows.

    Darn this front it would of been slamin this week.:p
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    I think i saw u guys was the canoe green by chance?
  13. misfit

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    mike,you're right on the timing of the bite and the movement.i think at this time,they're mostly searching out the best spots,and are consantly moving around a general area.so if you can keep moving with them,you'll cash in.i think some people don't consider that,and think the fish just quit biting when they've actually just temporarily moved out of that particular spot.
    i think early and late are the best times,probably because much spawning activity may take place at night,and they'll be in those places for long periods.
    you must have quit early,as we didn't see you on our way to our spot.
  14. I used to be too stubborn and sit on a spot trying to pull fish on lines with no bites but I now try to move on if nothing is happening in the first 10-15 minutes. My boys at times complain to me because we may catch one and then we move. I tell them I am not there to catch just one fish every 15 minutes.Like you said often times you end up finding an active group of fish and it makes all the moves worthwhile. ;)
  15. misfit

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    brian,when you need some help looking for those active fish,just give me a yell.route 13 is right outside my front door:D;)
  16. I need to take you up on that one of these days. My 3 boys fill the boat pretty full but I imagine there will be a time when I don't have them to join me. Right now they are all eager to fish with me so I am taking full advantage of it.:)
  17. misfit

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    i know what you mean.my oldest son(who i could never turn onto fishing)is always getting bugged by my grandsons to take them fishing:D
    that has him talking about buying a boat now,which grandpa is happy to hear:D;)
    seems the fishing bug skipped a generation,but maybe they can pass it on to their dad,since i couldn't get it to take the first time;)

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    Red, Old Town
  19. Capital outdoorsman

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    was there on 4/27 just before the front. I found a lot of people were not successful that day. It was an advantage to be in the canoe. I was going right into thick cover and jamming my rod right in the bushes to get em. Got about 20 from 10-12 inches. Found that if I casted near the cover I got nothing. Right into the thick stuff and they attacked it. Holding tight.

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    Yes, most of the fish we caught were right beside the boat.

    We parked it right in line with the edge, I guess because I like to case rather than drop the bait in holes. But I would cast along the edge of the thickest stuff to be found and get them there. Was catching them so fast could only use 1 pole.

    The biggest ones we caught however were right beside the boat.

    Great day to be on the water.