Hoover 3/26/05

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  1. Fished Hoover on Saturday from 9:30 am until about 6 pm. Started jigging a VibE (partner fished jig/minnow) on 15-20 ft. and 20-30+ ft. breaks and points. Saw few fish on TV, but did find huge schools of YOY shad. Yes, the sea gulls do give 'em away! I fished the predictable locations (points/breaks) from Red Bank to the middle of the south basin--both main lake and secondary.

    I started trolling minnow baits on bottom bouncers in the afternoon. I did find one bay full of "hooks" and (apparently) void of the schools of small shad. The back 1/2 of the bay (wind blowing in) ended up being loaded with large sahd (8-10")--which was verified by my unintentional snagging. It felt like a stump field with my bouncer bumping all those big shad. (I wish I would've loaded up the cooler with those big shad.)

    Any way, no creel report to offer. I spoke to another guy coming off the water who also had no action. If I were a saugeye, I guess I'd be in those bays just munching on "popcorn", too. I guess I have some learning to do to entice these over-fed 'eyes.
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    Thanks for the report, signs of shad are always good.

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    ain't changed yet then.last monday was the same for shortdrift and myself.tons of shad and no hungry eyes.fished the same area.they shouldbe turning on soon,though.and they might just be shallow when they do ;)
  4. Excellant report from you "early birds". We need to send out good scouts like you in the coming weeks. Thanks !! :D