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Hoover 12/10

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by redone29, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. Went to Hoover this morning around 4 am. Caught 4 saugeye and one largemouth. The last two times I fished Hoover I caught a largemouth almost out of the same spot. All came on a silver and chrome suspending Rogue while fishing rip rap. The saugeye were hitting pretty good until the breeze quit. Once the breeze quit and the water became a sheet of glass the bite was off. They wanted the rogue on the pause. Didn't matter if I was twitchin' or reeling as soon as I would stop the lure wham. Missed quite a few because of that. Not getting any sleep last night probably didn't help the reflexes :D . Here's some pics.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Nice pics...thanks for sharing. That's a sweet looking 'eye. Makes me want to drop everything and go right now. I just need to hit the lotto first. :(

  3. Nice fish. What did that eye weigh in at? 4am? Are you crazy or dedicated? I think I might have to make an early morning trip.
  4. That seems to be what they want this year. Was it a junior?
  5. EE


    nice fish! been doing much the same thing, but having more luck at Alum than at Hoover, I've also been fishing at night (can't do 4:00a.m. fishing!). Above the dam along the rip rap has been very productive at Alum (I fish the West side, but I've seen people catching fish on the East side as well); on nights where I can't catch a fish, I walk below to the spillway and seem to manage one or two. I've also been using jig and minnow.
  6. I don't have a scale and I forgot to measure it cause I was fumbling around with the camera and the fish would only stay still long enough to get a pic. Once I got the pics it was released to grow a little bigger. I never keep anything. I caught all the fish on a 5" suspending rogue. The one in the pic was caught within the first 5 minutes of fishing. Great thing happened at the end of the day. Sunday night I was over there fishing the same spot and I caught a few eye's in deeper water on a deep thunderstick. I snagged the lure and had to break it off. When I was getting ready to leave today I looked down and there was my thunderstick wedged between two rocks along the bank. I couldn't believe my eyes. As for the 4 am, I worked late last night came home and watched some tv and decided to go fishing. Just on a whim. Glad I went.
  7. depending on the wind and weather i will be trying alum creek tomarrow. Hopefully i will get into some fish,cause its been a while.
    i will post results
    thanks for the post redone
  8. tried hoover last night (friday) for about 2 hours and could not get one bite! since thanksgiving i have yet to catch a fish at hoover! it was kind of happening before t-day.i was there from about 900 to 1100. saw a boat working the dam area.nice score redone.