Hoover 10/29

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Net, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Went 2 for 4 on saugeye today (17" & 18") lost a couple that felt 20+" before adding a stinger hook. Good jig bite from 3pm - 4pm in 19-21 fow along the main river channel. Water temp 57.

    Ran into ogf member Big New on the way in. Nice talking to you!
  2. What time were you out. I think I'll be getting out Friday around 10 or so. Just wondering if getting out that early is a waste of time. Thanks.

  3. Hit the water at 2pm and left when the sun reached the top of the trees. Started shallow and just kept working my way deeper. I haven't really fished Hoover very much in the AM this year. My last 3 trips were productive from noon till sunset.

    Although I wasn't targeting them yesterday, the white bass didn't start biting until late afternoon.
  4. Ok thanks.
  5. keep the posts coming on Hoover also Nice talking to Finn. If you ever want a partner sometime Finn let me know.
  6. Sorry it was Net that I met last night. Nice boat net perfect set up! Keep in touch Hoover is my home water on it all the time.