Hoover 10/21

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by timmyv, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Went out to hoover yesterday and man was it rough out there on the south side. I went out and my batery decided it wasn't going to work so I was w/ out my fishfinder and trolling motor. It was impossible to stay in one spot, caught nothing. Anyone else go out? If so did you have any luck?
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    I would have liked to gone out, but was doing the annual firewood haul & stack routine. :D Plus, I knew with the wind it would be difficult to fish any open water and stay on top of the fish. Hope the wind stays calm this week, and I might just get to go out.

  3. I hear ya Swallon Goat...for the short time that my battery worked it was near impossible to stay on fish. I've never seen hoover so ruff before. There were white caps south of the first bridge. I was hoping some people would be out to show off my new ogf sticker and meet some of you!
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    if you need a partner let me know sgoat.

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    Drove up that way saturday and did not even fish water all messed up where i have been fishing. Dark brown color not good. The wind has really screwed things up for awhile.:p
  6. I went over and brought my boat home today decided to pull awhile and picked up a few white bass both sides of the County Line bridge. I did not measure but I they were 9-13". They sure hit hard with vibe's. One vibe got caught in the line and I didn't notice for a while that rod is now in need of new line, twisted worse than I have ever seen.
  7. Went out Saturday morning in the middle section. Caught about 1/2 dozen white bass, 1/2 dozen crappies and one 15" saugeye jigging a vibe on a flat in 9 -11' of water. Once the wind really started blowing I called it a day.
  8. We started out just before sunrise, headed up north. Started with topwaters hoping to get some kind of action before the wind got too bad, nothing hit. Tried wormin and tubes with no takers either. Started back south with spinnerbaits and crankbaits over points and deep banks and we started hitting them but nothing consistant. They seem to hit the most from the windward side of deep points just suspending. Last fish of the day was a nice 3lb Smallie on a Rapala Shad Rap SR-5 near Red Bank. Hoping this weekend will be better but the forcast looks like typical post cold front conditions, again. Hoping the cooler weather will start stirring up the bass to start hitting the shad! Good luck everyone.