Hoover 10/17

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by SwollenGoat, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Ducked out of work a little early and managed to get on the water around 4:30pm. Conditions were overcast with a decent breeze coming out of the North, and surface temps of 62-63 degrees. I setup on a point where the wind was blowing into it and dropped my line. Within the first minute had a nice 13" FO crappie! For the next hour or so I was able to put about 12 more keepers in the livewell. Then I noticed the gulls going crazy on a flat next to me. )Thought it might be the elusive WB everyone's been looking for.) Motored over and dropped my line and immediately got bit - more crappie. Fished that flat until 7:00, fish were on the feedbag big time and had the shad penned up against the bank. Brought home 40+ keepers and threw back twice as many. Once again, tube jigs and crappie nibbles were the ticket.
  2. hmmm,was going to go back to apple valley monday but after that report I may be heading to Hoover,nice catch there swollengoat

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    Nice catch!! Used to fish there in the 80's when we lived outside New Albany.. always used to tear up crappie.. we'll be hitting either Salt Fork or Piedmont on weds., hope to do that well!! good job!