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Hoover 06/03

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Phillyfish, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Went to Hoover with my Brother in law this weekend had a pretty good and interesting day. Caught 15 or so Crappie, most around 10 inches, a couple cats(27 in. channel, 19 in. flathead) and a couple bass. The most interesting part of the trip was about 5 min. after getting on the water. I saw a good sized fish come to the surface not too far from the boat, we both cast at the fish and it acted like nothing happened. I figured maybe it was a carp, but it came close to the boat and we actually netted it. It was a 19 inch large mouth bass! It looked to be blind and pretty beat up, it was bleeding some and its eyes were all messed up, looked hazy and coarse. We let it go not sure what to do. A friend said maybe it was in a scrap with a large cat feeding off the same area, my thought is it would have to be one hell of a cat to put a bite on this fish's head.
  2. Any one have any other ideas about this fish, I'll try to have the pics posted by the end of the day. I hadn't fished Hoover much, is it any good for bass fishing. From the looks of this fish I would think so, we also caught some healthy looking smaller bass.

  3. Hoover has some nice bass in it.Thats to bad about the one you netted.I remember someone did the same thing there last year.They posted a few pics of it.I've heard of a few rare muskie in any pictures?
  4. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    prob. was originally caught and mishandled/injured
    infection set in and the fish became extremely weak and was ran over by a prop. or some large waterbird munched it. probably should have removed it and put the thing out of it's misery.
  5. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    There have been many times which I have thought just that, but i've always figured it's best to let nature take it's course. Dying/dead fish usually become food for other fish/macroinvertebrates/mamals. On the rare occasion that I keep an Eye I find it hard not to return the carcass back to the river, But the law is the law....

    Philly, keep in mind that late May/early June is prime time for post-spawn stress related mortality (or "PSSM". lol). I've seen a fair number of deceased fish (of all species) up and down the Scioto during the past few weeks, all of which have been BIG specimens which were likely to old to endure the stress associated with spawning and therefore perished. Im with newbreed, im betting that Bass got caught at least once during/right after spawn, became weak, and infection set in. Spawning takes alot out of all species (what do we usually do when were done?? :D) How would you like to fight a boxing match after "dancing" with Carmen Electra for a few hours?? :D :D :D
  6. great scenairio Acklac. Good to hear from you again. I always enjoy your posts. Going to be nice except for Friday. Maybe I'll catch up with you somewhere again?:D
  7. I noticed the same thing on the Scioto the past few weeks. Last week while yakin we saw a freshly dead flathead about 20lbs floating. Didn't seem like anything was wrong with it except the fact a turtle had eaten out the midsection to the spine. I have seen that a few times in this stretch during this time of year. I do think it has something to do with the spawn because I haven't really seen anyone catfish this area to believe someone caught them and killed em. All the ones we have seen have been over 20lbs too. The area is a slow, shallow stretch (maybe 6' at the deepest). Maybe oxygen content played a factor in their death.:confused:

  8. Posted pics in my photo gallery of the injured bass from hoover, not sure how to attach them to a thread.
  9. Go to the thread that you want, click on new post, in the bottom right corner of your "new post" it will say pics, click on that and it will put the pic into your post.

    If you don't see PICS there than make sure that you click on "ADVANCED" on the bottom right of your post.;)