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  1. I was out fishing last nite and someone had left 2 hooks with leaders on them, the hooks had what i would say as springs over them what does the "spring" do, the hooks look like regular 1/0 hooks. what would u catch with these hooks thanks for any help
  2. some hooks have small pieces of wire, some which resemble springs, that are used to keep soft plastic baits in place when casting.

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    I've seen treble hooks that have springs around the main shaft. Not sure but I think this are for better holding dough bait/ catfish bloodbait/etc better.

    There are also jigheads that have a spring coming out at an angle. These are shakeyheads. Basically you rig em with a plastic worm (or whatever) and fish them off the bottom in a given location and "wiggle/shake" them. Works good for crayfish to give them that "defensive/pissed off look".