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  1. Ive been thinking about tying some larger streamers in the 1/0 or 2/0 size but unsure of what for hooks to use.The eagle claw classic in saltwater looks to be a nice size but I have never delt with hooks in that size to tie. Anybody have some input on this size hook???
  2. i like some of the gamakasu wide gap fly hooks for big trout streamers, thinner wire, for hybrids and such i like the big steel saltwater hooks. i dont have the actual #'s down i will post them..when i find the packs.

  3. i would like to tie pike flies. They are not for canada pike but smaller pike in northeast ohio. And for something to do. A big streamer gets everyones attention.
  4. Im using a mustad 34007 stainless hook in sizes up to 4/0 for tarpon and can be found in stores without ordering them---If you dont have anyone close to you, try TMF in revenna
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    Last time I was in Florida I bought all of the M34007/M34011 in Walmart cheap! But want the best then go with TMC 600/700/811S or to some of the Gamakatsu hooks. None of these hooks need to be sharpened as they are extremely sharp. But with the Mustad ,they will need to be sharpened quite a bit. Your choice.
  6. when purchasing hooks that size you money will be in your hooks! I have tyed on 1/0-6/0 and I use Mustad 3407, 37007, 7766D, 34011 it is going depend on how long you want the hook shank. The pattern will also dictate the hook style! Now with these hooks the plated ones I sharpen all the time, and all the rocks I fish around and the barnacles I run into this happens alot.
  7. I've been tying some larger flies this year and am using the Gamakatsu SC15 (wide gap) and B10S. Both styles come in 2 through 3/0. They appear to be quality hooks - strong & sharp. I have the involuntary piercings to prove it. Big flies are fun, especially when you can get crazy with colors that attract Pike. Think about doing some articulated ones.