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  1. There was a show on the cable National Geographics channel titled "Hooked on Bass" monday night. I don't know how long it has been out but monday was the first time I saw it. It is a tremendous show about the 60 billion dollar bass fishing industry. Parts of the show was about professional and amature tournament fishing and another part was about the pursuit of the world's record largest LMB.

    It recants the well known story of George Washington Perry, the current world record holder (22 lbs. 4 oz.) and was interesting but I was facinated by the story of "Dotty" and the guys that pursued her for 7 years. Dotty is the name they gave to the foul hooked 25 lbs. 1 oz. LMB with a black dot on the gill plate they caught at Lake Dixon in California. If you get a chance to see this show, I recommend it.

    There was also a show about the northern snakefish that has arrived on our shores from china. This fish looks to be a catastroph headed our way. It can breath air, walks on dry land, mulitplies rapidly, KILL ALL NATIVE FISH, and has no know natural preditors in this country.
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    I saw that show and it was awesome. I read a book a couple years ago about the biggest-bass quest...there are many men who have literally dedicated every MINUTE of their lives to this (where do they get money, if they only fish, and don't work??--most of them are not sponsored). It is completely fascinating. I am so afraid of those snakehead fish that I have actually had nightmares about them running after me on dry land, and biting me. If I ever see one, it will scar me for life. (For those of you who do not know this, I'm a female...a granny...you do not have an alarmingly sissy guy here). Also interesting...in the latest issue of "Time" magazine there is a full-page article about "Fantasy Fishing"--same thing as Fantasy Football, but you bet on pro fishermen, etc. If you are a good planner-and-guesser, top prizes may exceed one million dollars!!! It also says 50% of the hundreds of thousands of people who play this game have never fished...funny. That's a tribute to some really good guessing. Hey, you guys that are very in-the-know about the B.A.S.S circuit, find the website and play!:p

  3. I fished Lake Dixon the week before thanksgiving and I felt like I was on hallowed water. Fishing in southern California was a whole different world of fishing experience for me.

    I wonder with all the trout that gets stocked around here if that wouldn't put some of our bass on steriods too. I confess that I have been bit by the big bass bug. Of course, my goals are a little more modest than a world record, I would settle for anything in the double digits to begin with :). I can't afford to fish every day but I get out every week and its sort of like the lottery. All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time with the right bait, right presentation, right jiggle technique, right weather conditions, right water level, right water temperature, right time of day, etc. etc. etc! or you could be a 5 year old kid with a cane pole fishing from the bank with red worm on a hook with a cork bobber and if your are extremely lucky you could catch a bass larger than the one George Perry caught. Amazing!!!
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    I don't know why I thought of this....but that last post made me think, I compare fishing to playing the slots. With each cast (pull of the one armed bandit) you don't know what you are going to get. Eventually you get a hit and may win big!!

    Don't get me wrong, I love fishing for the peace and quiet of the float down the river, but there is always a chance you could catch something big, as Ol' Bassman said in the last post, and that adds excitement to the day.

    I Tivo'd that Hooked on Bass show and haven't watched it yet. I am definately going to check that out. As for the snakeheads, I saw that show too. I think they are much more of a danger on the fish in the water than they are of chasing us on land. :) So don't worry Teech!! :)
  5. I still feel bad I couldn't help you hook into a big one out there:(. I wade the GMR sometimes with just a few lures and it doesn't cost a penny(except for the small fortune acquiring the lures) though I don't suggest anyone getting into the water right now unless their father was a polar bear and their mother a penguin.
  6. Jim, don't feel bad :). All the planning and info you can get won't help a bit if the fish are not biting. With the large people population in southern California, those lakes get a tremendous amount of pressure and the LMB have seen almost every imaginable bait, real and artificial. Add to that the facts that trout stocked in the lakes are a readily available food source, and that fishing is restricted to day light hours, boat rentals are seasonal and it was in November and you see a very reduced probability that I would see any fish let alone catch any. I did see a lot of bass and trout though. That was another problem. The water was so clear that it is almost impossible to see the fish without them seeing you. Like I said in my second post, a whole different world of bass fishing. I will be better prepared the next time I go out there ;).
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  7. For those interested like I am "Hooked on bass" is scheduled to replay on National Geographic at 11pm on Feb 28th.
    Thanks Bassman;)
  8. Fishoholics anonymous? We would never earn a chip!:p