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Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by traphunter, May 22, 2007.

  1. traphunter

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    Hey all its about that time of year when I start getting serius about catfishing. We went yesterday evening to a new ( and awesome spot ) and I got plenty of bites. The problem is I only hooked one fish and missed at least 5 or 6. I was just wondering what size hook you all use because i think mine may be to small. I use gamakatsu hooks if that helps any. Thanks
  2. misfit

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    what size are you using now?circles?type/size bait?

  3. traphunter

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    sorry about that. I am using the gama 4/0 and 5/0 Octopus hooks and shad and bluegill as bait.
  4. misfit

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    5/0 should be ok.may be where/how you're hooking the bait.if you're hooking through the bak,you might want to check the point after hooking,to make sure a scale or sometng isn't stuck on the point.
  5. Not sure? I have caught some mighty small channels on 6/0 (like 8-10 inches); usually if they can get it in their mouth you can hook them.

    I would get back out there and try it again!
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    well I guess its probably just me then and not the hooks. I do usually check for scales on the hooks after hooking them so I dont think thats it. We will be at rocky fork all night tomorrow if anyone wants to stop by. Thanks again
  7. hunted

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    depends on the size of your bait also,might be trying to set the hook too soon before they can get it all the way in
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    i like 3/0 to 4/0 Gamakatsu Circle Hooks for channels ........for Flatties i like to use 6/0 to 8/0 Gamakatsu Circle Hooks depending on the size of bait that i am using !!!
  9. Flathead King 06

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    well if you're going to be channels fishing in still water I prefer a regular baitholder hook-1/0 - 2/0, but in moving water I prefer a owner ssw cutting point circle hook 8/0...like fish-n-fool said if they can get their mouth on it then you can hook them...but as for hooks for flatties and blues I prefer a hook I can jerk with so I use a eagle claw kahle around 10/0...they havent let me down yet, and for bait...cut baits and small chubs/gills for channels and blues, and for flatties I use large lively gills, carp, suckers, chubs, goldfish, and especially green sunfish (probably the best live bait around these parts)