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  1. ok im a big flattie fisher but i cant get to my tackle box to see what size hooks i used last year.....i remember it was a size 7 but i dont know if it was 7/0 or just 7....i know one is small and just cant remember....the same goes for channel cat my wife likes fishing for them but i dont remember what sizes to use for chicked liver and cut bait...please help me im buying it in bulk over the computer and i would hate to get the wrong size
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    A size 7 would be a bluegill sized hook...For channels I would go with a 2/0 flathead 7/0 and up.

  3. thank you very much......i found a site that has all this stuff cheap and i figure that with the price of 2 dollers for 5 mustad #7/0...getting 100 for $15 is good