honda CRV shifter locked up. help.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bountyhunter, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. went out to go shoping this morning , crv won;t shift out of park. got the book out and did the emg release. drove around the block stoped put it in park again locked up again, also while fooling with the car my wife says theres no brake lights . anybody have any info or ideas?? . no code lights on, don;t seee anything in the hand book about fuse, [or maybe its one of those intieal things I don;t under stand] .HELP> don;t want to end up at the dealership. yr 2003 64k miles

  2. Hello there my wife is a honda service adviser so I am handing you over to her now... hi, you are needing a brake light switch...its located up under the brake wont have brake lights and it wont come out of park til its replaced. Until you get it replaced there is a interlock switch cover...near your gear shifter that has a plastic little cover over it--you insert your key in it and it will come out of park--put in neutral and then start it. This will work til you get it to a dealer..remember you wont have brake lights until the switch is replaced. Hope this helped..jan
  3. Yep, we have a Ford Focus and it does the same thing without brake lights. Our switch just had a momentary glitch. Once I unplugged it and put it back on it worked and has worked ever since. (for more than a year) I don't know what caused it to fail that one time but it is definitely something that I put in my memory bank because I was pretty stumped sitting in the parking lot trying to figure out why it would not move from park. I called my mechanic and he quickly asked if I had brake lights. I did a quick check and "Lo and behold" I didn't! I guess I need to keep him on a retainer for that quick of an answer to my problems.:D