homemade rod tube.

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  1. Anyone know the diameter of PVC to use for a 3pc rod w/ sock?

  2. Thanks! have some of that lying around.
  3. 1-1/2 pipe measures 1.9 on the od---should work fine
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    Just to give you a little chuckle, I will relate the tale of my home made PVC travel tube. I was flying out to Utah quite a bit and had bought a nice little 4 wt - 4 pc rod. I wanted something that would fit in my suitcase and not have to be checked with the airline.

    The tube was 2" PVC from the hardware store along with the compression end fitting. I uses a hole saw to cut 1/4" plywood piece to fit in the ends. So I wouldn't loose the removable end cap, I attached it with a piece of parachute cord through the end and into a hole in the side of the tube.

    WELL, apparently TSA thought this looked like a bomb on the X-ray machines with the fuse wire sticking out. When I got home from Utah, I had three TSA inspection notices. One was in the suitcase, no big deal. The second was in my day pack with the breathable waders and boots. The third was in the rod tube. I wonder what they thought of my pocket knife?:eek: