Homemade Lighted Nock

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  1. Clip of how to make a lighted nock. Thought it was interesting. I'll give it a try soon and let you know how it turns out.

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  2. I tried it and it works good so far....

  3. I made a couple and they are pretty fun, really cool to practice with in the dimming evening light. One word of advice, be very careful that you do not use too much super glue on the lighted end, if it gets inside it will not allow the connection to be made and the light won't work. :D
  4. Made 2 last night and they work pretty good. Got the lights at Gander Mtn in Pickerington. Looked everywhere for them and probably spent more in gas trying to find the lights than if I would have just picked up a name brand nock.

    However, I wanted to update a couple things I did different that may help someone else. Here is what I found. NOTE: The arrows I bought were Easton Excell ST 400s that use the "H" nock.

    1. I didn't use another nock for the stopper. I cut the shaft of the nock in half and used the cut portion as the stopper. This worked better for my application because the slimmer nocks. I was able to get the light closer to the end, lighting up the knock better.

    2. The light head was too large for the inside diameter of the nock. I used a drill to bore out a larger hole for it. Make sure if you have to do this, try to use a progressive size drill bit. If you use the size you need first it will expand the diameter of the shaft of the nock. I just took out a little bit of material at a time and seemed to work better.

    3. I glued the stopper of the batter in the shaft. My thinking was is that I would probably just replace with a normal nock when the battery dies. If you do decide to glue it, make sure that you apply the glue to the inside of the shaft and not the stopper or the nock will end up getting glued in also. Also be sure to push the light on before you insert your lighted nock. This will allow you to get the nock in at the correct depth.
  5. I love messing around with stuff like this. How much do those light things cost at Gander Mountain?
  6. They were $3.99 a piece. I bought the last 3 that they had. At first it sounds a little pricey but the final product is a lot cheaper than name brand nocks. Thill also makes a yellow light and a green light. I bet they would work just as well as the red.
  7. I'd probably only use red. Whitetail are a large animal and you want to stop them dead. Green would make them go and yellow would only make them cautious.:D
  8. They do work very well. In my opion much better than the more expensive Lumenok's. There's definately an art form associated with it. You'll get progressively better the more you make. This winter i'm going to experiment with a small drop of Gorilla Glue instead of Super Glue.