Homemade Italian Sausage...YUM

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  1. Just got done making 150#'s of homemade Italian Sausage. This is the best part.
    When we are all done, I use bread to get the rest of the meat out of the grinder. The bread mixes in with the meat and then I fry it in a pan...WOW some of the best eats ever :)
  2. Looks GREAT, but how about specifics? People are always looking for some great new avenues of adventure to try.
    Most outdoor forums are a great source for obtaining a overlooked spice or method that put a great touch to how something tastes as a end product.

  3. ...I don't know about the specifics,,but that picture is worth a thousand words..make the mouth water...As for homemade sausage if it is made right there is nothing to campare it too...My Grandpa made some great sausage...Only trouble there was no measuring anything..a lot of this and a lot of that...always came out great...No store bought compares to homemade...You guys sent me down the road of memory lane, and made me hungry as well...THANK YOU...C.L...
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  4. How funny...actually two rules of thumb when we make sausage.
    1.) K I S S (Keep It Simple Silly or something else that starts with S)- Salt Pepper and Cayanne. May dad brought the recipe back from Italy in his head and we have been making it for 20+ years.
    2.) Have three people around that are "Not hungry". This is very important when it comes time to taste. If you are hungry, everything tastes good! If you are not hungry, you are better able to TASTE the food instead of inhaling it.
    Go light on the salt until you make a little to see if you add more.

    We use 100% boston butts or we use 60% venison and 30% boston Butts (just kidding...we use 40% just testing you guys)

    Casing has to be soaked in saltwater
    Let the sausage hang for 2 to 3 days!!! Not sure what this does but my fathers father did it, my dad, and now me.
    One of those things that you never questioned.
    I will post a picture of how we hang it...it should bring a big laugh.
  5. what? no fennel seed in it? can't be italian then :)

    I hope to make up a bunch of different types of sausages after the first of the year. will post pics.
  6. actually fennel is a Roman spice, very different from my heriatge. Yes, Italy but it is like comparing a Philly cheesesteak at Subway and one at Pats in Philly. We have different ways of cooking in our own country as do Italians and many other nationalities.
    My father said that he has never heard of Fennel until he came here to the US. Maybe it is just that he came from a very poor part of Italy and they hardly had a pot to pee in /make sauce in (just kidding they actually had two pots).
    Wait until I tell you about out annual Polenta spread...photos will have to do that justice.
  7. These sound great!!!!!!! I started making sausage 2 years ago and I have never heard about the salt water soak for the casings and the hanging has me very curious!!!!!! I would really like to learn some of the secrets from some old time sausage makers!!!!!
  8. I've made Italian sausage in the past (4X) & depending on the amount of meat one is using, Ive mixed, dried basil, with a touch of ground fennel, & oregano, cant give exact proportions. Mix in spice's (salt & black pepper of course) then take a large table spoon of the mix, form a patty, fry it up, taste it & add more if it needs anything to MY LIKING. Last time I added some sweet Paprika, about a heaping tablespoon & really did improve the flavor. Its all in one taste's as to who's got the BEST FORMULA? Everyone has to do it, & adjust to what they like.

  9. Me too! We have been making Italian, Brats and summer the last couple of years. I am looking into making dried sausage next, salami, etc...

    I think we are going to make a couple different types of summer sausage soon.
  10. Just curios about hanging pork for 3 days. Most recipes I see
    call for smoking. What about bacteria?
  11. ...Back in the late 40's and early 50's ...I can remember farmers hanging hogs in the shed or garage for as long as a week or more ...depending on the weather..My grandpa left the hams and bacon hang in the smoke house ..sometimes untill it got mold on the outside...cut the mold off slice fry it up for dinner...88 when he died ..had a family of 14 kids youngest to die was 64 ...some in there 80's still going...Maybe we didn't have Bacteria back then...Nothing wrong with thinking healthy ....As for the Sausage he never made Italian Sausage ..just plain old farm sausage...C.L...
  12. Depends on where they are hung, temp, etc... Also the type of cure used, instacure #1 or 2 (used to be Prague Powder 1 and 2) salt, etc.....

    Traditional Hard Salami for example, is cured for several months with no refrigeration. It is a complex yet simple interaction of salt, nitrate and bacteria producing lactic acid that inhibit the formation of bad bacteria.

    It is an art!

    I have a line on an old smokehouse that I hope to secure in the coming months. I would love to make some ham and bacon the old way!
  13. My grandpa's was made out of wood I'd go into it in the summer when there was nothing in it but that great smell of the smoked meat was still there..What a great smell...Thanks for the memory...C.L...