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Home sick!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Stinky Fingers, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. Some of you know that I left ohio and moved to the sunny south........overall it s ucks and I'm starting to get homesick.... unfortunately I bought a house so I am preatty much stuck for a while.... the fishing is fun, grouper are tasty and dolphin on the east coast are a blast.... caught my first sail on my own boat two weeks ago... :D.....sounds cool but I really miss running 12 lines and chasing eyes and steelies..... mostly I miss the good times.... the drunken phone calls to corey and pharmgirl (yes dee I miss you).....the harleys on Big Daddys head (the cheese platter comment was funny and never forgotten)..... the pizza ordered to Lundys room via the front desk we never received..........the tournaments where I always wondered what EZ marc or Dan/Matt had, that grin really really worried about hersh's smile... now that's funny :D ....

    The really funny thing is that you don't truly appreciate what you have till its gone.......

    I miss the friends I made thru G F O (sorry about the swear word) and this site......I have met a lot of great people down here, I've rode on boats I never thought I would ever step foot on (36' contender with trips, 46 buddy davis!!! sweet), I even bought my first $500 fishing reel......the bottomline is that it's nothing like I had up north....... I truly miss my fishing buddys..... the jokes....... the drunken mahem.... the good times... I will never forget them and they can never be replaced.....

    I miss you guys.........especially "spooner" the girl who can dock a boat and catch a walleye...truly one of a kind..I miss ohio but I'm stuck down here......I know it sounds stupid, sunny weather, silicon ti ts........ but its hard to explain.....

    I'm glad that hog fest was a success and that everyone attending had a good time! I really wish I could have been there to help out and share the experience!!!!

    If anyone has an opening for a mechanical engineer, say sometime in the spring once the snow melts, give me a call.......its time for this northern boy to come home!!!!!!

    Its been a long drunken night and I should probably go to bed, have to fly out to singapore tomorrow, then to the I love global outsourcing!!!!! hangovers and planes... what a great time.... atleast my next beer is on the company!!!!! can't wait to see what's for dinner in singapore... last time it was a grilled squid........good thing they have good girly bars :) :eek: otherwise the trip would be a bust......

    miss you guys..... and girl!!!!!

    have fun.....good luck and safe fishing!!!!


  2. WOW...
    Now I'm home sick and I still live here!!!
    Hope you find your way home soon...
  3. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    Hey SF I did almost the same thing only I stayed about five years. Like they say FLA is a nice place to visit. I remember talking to you and yer dad just before you guys left and thinking if you would like it for the long haul. When I look back I think what if I didn't try it. I'm glad I came back to the cold NE Ohio. But then I like a sharp stick in the face too................. ;) ;) The way to go would be a home down there for Jan. and Feb. and then come back for the spring, summer and fall. Look at it as a learning experience. And some good fishing to boot. Good luck with the new search.

  4. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member


    I night out in Port Clinton just isn't the same without you.

    You at least need to come back and visit us.

    I'll come see you when I'm at Sanibel Island this winter. I need a charter captian for a day and I think you are the man! Can you get me and my grandaughters on a few salty fish?


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    We miss ya up here as well Jason.

  6. We sure did have some great times up here, man. Once you get FLA out of your system, come on home and we'll get 'er done! I lived down there for a couple years and it's a nice place to visit, but living there is different. It does get old quick.

    Besides, the bikini crowd wasn't real interested in my ugly mug nor the fishing, and mainly, THERE"S NO ICE AND SNOW! Guess my blood is just too thick!!

    Hang in there man.

    See you soon.

  7. Its not as bad as it sounds.... Just tired of dealing with the huricanes.... talk about a blow day!!!

    The worst part is working all the time and not being able to fish during the week. Takes an hour to get to the gulf, then an hour to get down the river and out into the gulf. On erie I could at the boat and clearing the lighthouse by 6pm.... lines in the water by 6:20.... down here its a 30+ mile run offshore just to find good bottom..

    Lundy, look me up when you are down here... I fished clearwater a few weeks ago.... Did really well on some numbers that were given to me... groupers and amberjacks

    Florida is a fun place to visit.... thought it would be more fun to live here.... maybe once the weather settles down it will be.....

    Thanks for the cheering up.....

    I'll be fine, just need to go fishing.....
  8. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    Hang in there Jason. The winters are the best time to be in FLA. The natives really freak out when it hits the upper 40's. It really cracked me up the way they react to chilly weather.
  9. Man do I feel your pain. I never met ya, but I was in the same boat 20 years ago. Moved there in the mid 80's to find work. I found work, but many things I didn't like. Like heat index's of 140° and fire ants. After two years I was back to the mighty buckeye state.

    I hate winter with a passion, but it's worth it to be able to pick night crawlers, catch flatheads, and see the world born again in the spring. Take care, and watch the weather channel. You folks are getting it good this year.
  10. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Hi, Jason. Stay safe, and keep in touch more. ;) We miss you too.
    You would love the W.B.S.A..

    - Rumi
  11. Those campfire discussions we had are coming to fruition Jason. A lot of people were talking and it was time to go on our own and it is good and going to get better. Guys on Erie have been starving for a good circuit and some of the thoughts put into this were yours so come on back and get in on it.

    I too liked those cat and mouse games that were played.

    No you can't trade Hersh for Spooner!

    PS: My parents moved to Orlando area in 1969. I almost went with them but after a visit or 2 you see where I stayed. Unlike you guys I don't even like to visit and wouldn't if I didn't have family obligations now and then.

    If I retire someplace else it will be to go north!
  12. Corey

    Corey OGF Team-Charter Member

    It's surely good to see your name on the boards again. I have been wondering how you were doing down there in Hurricane Alley. I couldn't attend the Hawg Fest or the tourney, so I missed seeing you this time. Next year we'll definitely have to get together and down some cold barley pop.
  13. steelhead1

    steelhead1 Pikie Bay

    It was nice talking to you on the phone when I was down in Florida. Shame we couldnt hook up for a days fishing:(

    I will be back down in month or so maybe I plan a little better this time:)
  14. Jason, Its time to come home buddy.
    Were waiting on ya.
  15. Hey stinky fingers, I know how ya feel man. I spent 23 years in Ocala,Fl. One day I decided to pack up and move back home to Wilmington ohio. So me and my family live back here now. Don't miss Fl.(except for the fishing) at all. Hope you get to do the same.........Fishinfool