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  1. A good pal is coming home from the Middle East this weekend and wants to get out and do some fishin.Trout,saugeye,steelies...dont matter.Any suggestions from you guys would be a big time saver and a bigger help.Thanks to all.
  2. Its lookin like ice fishin might be your only bet...if you have the gear, get out there on your favorite inland water and give it a go. The Hardwater discussions will point you in the right direction. feel free to PM if you have any specific questions. Depending on how far you guys want to travel, there should be good fishing to be had. and tell you buddy thanks, from all of us!

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    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    Be sure to tell him thanks for his service and to buy some fish at the market.:)
    Dude, have you seen the waether forecast?
    Ice fishing for sure.
  4. I will certainly pass on the good word guys...thank you.Lookin like its a gonna be frigid.Did pretty well last yr. at this time in January for trout on a nice little spot on the Clear Fork river in Richland County.Was thinking of making the trek down...beautiful and lots of fresh air.Good for the soul too.The average person has no idea how important of a job our men and women of the military are doing for us.Our country is under attack from the inside out and the core has rotten.Without the Army,Navy the Airforce and Marines we are nothing.Good fishing guys!

    Aaron Nichols
    USMC 93'-97'
  5. You are going to take that pour guy right from mid 60 degree temps in the Middle east to sub zero degree ice fishing??? Make sure he's dressed like that kid from the Christmas Story :) Tell him we all said thanks. Get the man on some fish and the warm him up with some cold brews!
  6. Hahaha! No man,he has been home a few days so he should be acclimated by now...he's an Ohio boy...just like riding a bike.