Holy Cow...More oil /gas rants....

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Salmonid, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Just went to Wally World to pick up a quart of 2 cycle oil for the boat. I figured it would be as cheap there as anywhere else and low and behold, it was $4.18 for a quart!!!! Dammmmm, I about dropped a hoagie right there in the sporting goods isle. Now if that was all I had to worry about, it wouldnt have been a problem, but last Sat. took the boat from here to Tanners Creek, that was about $50 in truck gas, started with a full tank in the boat ( like I always try to do) and after running around on the Ohio, that used almost 12 gallons of fuel so gas was another $38 and then had to add another $4.18 for the quart to boot,

    so bottom line was $93 bucks to catch 1 decent channel cat, not to mention food, and other trip neccesities. :(

    Bottom line, does anyone know the cheapest place to get 2 cycle oil by the quart or gallon?, ( I prefer the quart) I checked auto zone and it was about the same.

    Sorry, just ranting...

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    I lucked out and on the way to a tourney 2 weeks ago, I went to a Wallyworld that had 2 cycle oil on CLEARANCE for $5.00 for 5 quarts. Like an idiot I only bought ONE. I'll be going back and getting more if they have them.