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  1. Just a heads up. Last night I received a knock on the door and spoke with a middle aged man who said he was collecting money for our local fire dept so they could purchase a "much needed generator". He had a wad of 10s & 20s clipped to his clipboard but said he would take checks too. First thing I asked him for was his credentials. That's when he launched into his pity routine and produced a letter "signed" by the fire chief. When I pressed him for a phone# of any kind he finally had enough and accused me of being "rude". After I kicked him out I wished I had told him to wait there while I get my wallet...and then fetch my camera instead. It was too dark to get a license plate#.
  2. Just curious, did you verify with the fire department that is was a scam?

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    Lots of canvassers are not required to carry any credentials... depending on where you are. I would say a call to the Fire Department and the city are in order.
  4. Good move Net. When it is your money you do not need to verify anything. I never give to someone who solicits me. When I donate I find the organization to which I wish to make a contribution.
  5. I'll call the fire dept today. BTW, he admitted he was not a firefighter.

    This guy said he's been "doing this for 15 years" and the only problem he has is with "skeptics and rude people". I told him if I'm the first person in 15 yrs to ask nicely for credentials then your full of bs.
  6. Just spoke with a fire dispatcher who covers the Ashley/Marengo area. She did confirm that the Ashley fire dept has a solicitation program in place but she was very clear that they are only selling "family photos and portraits". The guy last night made no mention of photos or portraits. The dispatcher said the Ashley fire dept will be calling me shortly to ask some questions.
  7. If you are suspicious, go with you gut-instinct. Do not be afraid to report suspicious people around your property.

    We had a person in their early 50's come to the back deck door to deliver some "Holy-Roller" type material on Saturday. This person did not go to the front door, but walked around the closed garage door, around the corner, past the walk-in garage door, acrooss the back of the house, and up to the door off the back deck. Luckily I seen this person before they scared the .... out of my wife. I took the information from this person, and watched them walk back around to the car, and as the car went back up the drive, I jotted down the make, model, color, and plate number. Hey, if you want to leave that garbage, I can alway use paper to start fires in the fire-place, but leave it at the front door. Other that that, then I suspect that you are casing my house for no good reasons...I called the Sherrif's Dept. non-emergency number. Expalined what happened, and they said a Deputy would stop and see me.

    The Deputy arrived about 20 minutes later, and the Deupty explained to me that she was able to stop and talk with this person, on her way to talk with me. (This proved that we were not the only ones calling on this person, as I never gave a vehicle discription to the Dispatcher.) She felt that it was an honest mistake made by this person, and explained to them that only to deliver infromation to the front door, and not to walk around the back of houses.

    The Deputy assured me, that if you ever suspect someone going door to door, is not on the "Up -n-up", do not hesitate to call the local law enforcement, that's what they are there for.