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Holding Tank For City Of Akron!!!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JOE W, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. HIT the cuyahoga river over were the old work house use to be and seen this big hole in the ground. i heard its for when it rains so the crap wont go into the river ! anyone hear of this? did not catch any thing in akron or brecksville , met a fellow ogf member at brecksville, matt aka iceman? i dont think that baab run will be open this year!! later joe

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I was at babb run last week, you just have to get there a differant way now. As far as the hole, I haven't heard anything about it.


  3. The EPA might have requested it so the town wouldnt get fined for run-off. Some of the older plants were tied into the storm drains. Thats alot of water for an old plant and it cost big TO DUMP IT. :(
  4. Pitbullfisher56, i mostly catch small mouth and pike @akron first time for me in brecksville.
  5. I fish the breckville area alot mostly catch smallies i fish below the dam to many rocks in that area. i from from the old mill on canal rd. to rockside rd there are alot of smallies in that area.
  6. THANKS for that report Tom G... :p
    Now yoou done gave away my little secret honey holes ;)
  7. do either of you two every fish by boston mills (skiing resort). It looks really pretty. How deep is the water after the damn, can you wade it? It looks to be quite deep? I stay away from the damn as well as the shad are thick as all HECK!
  8. I've never went below the brecksville dam...
    Wouldn't mind taking a walk about around boston mills though if you ever want to hook up...
  9. yeah, for sure. I do not fish the cuyahoga much but would love to check out some new spots with some that does fish it. I'll give you a pm. Joe W, what area do you fish in akron, by the gorge (sp?). Also, what are your lures/set ups of choice for these smallies and pike. Thanks for the info