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  1. just found out about the restraunt in vally veiw. has any one been there and is it worth the trip?
  2. It's a good place to eat. You get A LOT of food and it's pretty reasonable. You will not go away hungry.

  3. corndawg

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    I ate at one in Columbus a couple of years back. The pulled pork sandwich is awesome.
  4. ParmaBass

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    It's worth it......Quaker Steak and Champps are worth it too! Then catch a movie at Cinemark! Those are about the only places my wife and I will go out to eat in our area.
  5. Hetfieldinn

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    I've eaten there plenty of times. Never had a bad meal.
  6. BrianSipe17

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    Try the wings as an appetizer to a big plate of ribs. They smoke their wings and they are GOOD!
  7. BigDaddy300

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    Some one at work always bragged about it being good, but just blew him off. Now with you guys saying the same I will have to check it out.
  8. The monster half chicken is the way to go. My wife and I split one and we are stuffed to the gills when we are finished. They also have fantastic side dishes.

    We have cried a river of barbecue tears ever since the one in
    Grove City closed.
  9. triton175

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    Pulled pork is very good. Onion rings are outstanding.
  10. shwookie

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    Hey slabman, hit the one in grandview up. Its at 5th and grandview I think.

    I have/had visited both and thought the one in GView was much better.

    Good eating place.
  11. wow that was well worth it.....smoked wings and pulled pork....omg
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  12. YOU'RE KILLING ME!!! Been on Portage Lakes all day and the pizza isn't ready yet, and I have to read this stuff???? Man, my stomach is GROWLING!!! ;)
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    Go to the one in Grandview and be sure to get their mac and cheese.