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  1. Anyone been hitting the Hoga at all?? Trying to get out with all this somewhat nice weather.
  2. I was thinking of going out. I have never fished it. Where do you fish out of?

  3. i hit spots all over, akron, kent, cuy. falls.............
  4. if your short on time try in the valley down behind scandinavian health spa.some nice smallies down there.
  5. which health spa is that??
  6. How wadeable (I hope the spelling is correct) is that river? I have never been in it but would like to explore it this spring. Can a small flat bottom boat be put in anywhere an run up with a float back?? Manual dragging is not a problem as long its not for several hundred yards.
  7. Scandanavian? Those even around any more? Showing ones age maybe?:D
  8. It's called RP Fitness.
  9. Last time I was by the the Cuyahoga (couple days) it was high and stained. Unless you have severe cabin fever I would wait to fish it til it goes down some. The river is wadeable (under normal conditions) in most spots. There are places that a flat bottom boat would work but I would scout where I was headed (or just ask here) first to be sure.

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    As of friday the lower stretches are way blown out.

    Gonna need at least a week, and they're predicting more rain.

    I'm gonna have to fish the pond at the girlfriend's old condo..........

    JDBFISHIN Back in the game

    Way fast, way muddy!!!!! I pass it every day on the way to work.
  12. ooh yea blown out bigtime. has anybody ever tried for spring eyes below rt82 dam? gas prices are gonna limit maumee trips.
  13. drove by on way home from work @ rockside its high,fast and muddy was going to try yesterday but now going to wait some i guess.............................
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    Yes the cuyahoga is blown what would you expect with all this rain and snow melt off? I am sure every river is blown at this point. :( I was hoping to get some pike fishing in on the hoga this weekend but it just isnt happening.
  15. I fished downstream from fred fuller park on the 12th... it was high but clear! not a bite but I did spook about a 12 inch smallie by the culvert under the bridge going to the softball fields.... he was in about 3 inches of water.... fished a fluke on a jighead slow..... worked well this time of year in the past not that day though! bought a new reel (quantum tour edition pt) and I had to try it out!
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    so is anyone go hoga pikin any time soon?
  17. its pretty much blown out. you might want to try the pond in munroe falls down stream of rt91 between river and the bike trail. i've had pretty good luck there in the past. especially when the river's flooded. im gonna try it after work tomorrow.[weds] i'll let you know what's happining.
  18. I fished the river on Saturday in Kent and Cuyahoga Falls. Water was high, and very fast. Tough to fish. Also tried the pond @ Monroe Falls--unfishable as it was extreemely flooded and 99% frozen.
  19. Had a buddy tell me his buddy was down by one of the flat slow spots in the falls and watch some pike bustin' shad for awhile but I don't know exactly where.
  20. Where is there access to put a boat in the hoga? ive heard around 59 exit off of 8 but i dont know where exactly, and could a jon boat with a trolling motor make it up the current without problems??