Hoga Pikes?

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  1. I've heard some guys talking about fishing for northerns in the hoga and want to give it a shot. Can someone help me out and tell me what part of the hoga, where do you park, just some info to get me started, i don't want your honey hole just want to be placed in a area where they hang near. Any information is greatly appreciated.
    The Kid
  2. I haven't done it personally, but I've heard the park in Monroe Falls on 91, Waterworks, River Front Park on Front Street, and the Gorge are supposed to be decent spots.

    Again I haven't had the opportunity to try any of these yet, but those are what I have read on Various boards.

  3. I have caught quite a few all up and down the Cuyahoga, mostly smaller but there are some good ones in there. Find any park, i like to look for deeper slow moving water, and look for ambush points they would likely be hanging out in. Good luck!!!!
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    I have caught a number of pike in the southernmost part of the Cuyahoga. I like to catch shiners or creek chubs from the river with maggots then use those for bait. I float them in backwaters. Hang on to your rod. Cascade Valley Metropark in Akron is my favorite spot.

    P.S. I know for a fact they are all up and down the river in summit and portage county and they love to hit this time of year.
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    I just started fishing the Hoga for pike this year. My mom has a nice little stretch in her back yard in Silver Lake. They are thick through the Falls/Stow/Kent areas. I've seen them from 12" all the way up to 10+lbs. Find yourself a hole near shallower water and try throwing something flashy/noisy on the shallow side of the hole. Knocking lures off cover seems to help too. I've heard slug-go soft jerks work well. I've caught all mine on jitterbugs or chartreuse jerks. Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks guys for the tips, I'm going to out friday if the weather permits. I'll post my findings
  7. I've fished the section of the Cuyahoga from below Rockwell Lake to the dam at the Gorge metro park. There are pike throughout this entire section of the river.

    While pike certainly bite this time of year, one must use a slower presentation to get them to take artificials. I've caught quite a few of them in the past month on slow moving jerk baits, glide baits, and suspending minnow baits (Rogue's and Rapalas). Work the baits slowly; let them pause for 3~10 seconds between jerks. The pike will hit the baits on the pause.

    My advice is to find a deep stretch of slack water that has some heavy laydowns along the bank. The pike will be hiding in the laydowns and strike offerings fished good and close the wood. Fish the slow/slack water, not the fast water.

    I have spent zero time working live bait for Ohio pike. Nevertheless, I'm confident that if you find a good hole with depth and cover, live bait would work great. Generally I prefer to fish larger stretches of river with artificials. I'll work my way down the shore until I find a nice laydown, work it for a few minutes, then move down until I get to the next laydown. If the area does not have wood/rock cover with some water depth, it's generally not worth fishing.

    If you are looking for a place to start, I'd suggest Riverfront Park (at SR-8 & Front Street) or Water Works Park. Both parks have lots of area to explore, and both parks have plenty of good cover along the shores where you can target pike.

    Good luck,

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    I caught my first pike from the hoga, under the rt 14 bridge, back in 1972 and it was 38-1/2".
    So yes, there are some monsters in there today 36 yrs or so later.