hoga or moggie

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by buckeyemaxx, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. getting ready to take a kayak out today. Havent been out in over a month (buying a house can change priorities). Anyone been out to the cuyahoga (down from 91) or mogadore lately?
  2. Loomis-Eyed

    Loomis-Eyed Rooster slayer

    Hit Mogadore the other evening.... nothing. Just a couple bass. Was fishing for crappie.

  3. probably going to hit the hoga, first time not on shore.

    loomis, any size to the bass
  4. DanAdelman

    DanAdelman getting jigging with it

    i would say hoga for sure... But i am very bias towards rivers...
  5. Do you drive a jeep and have a yellow kayak. If so I think I saw you yesterday out on bailey rd.
  6. have a yellow kayak, but i drive a pick up.

    I didnt have any luck fishwise. I picked a bad stretch because of easy access (WaterWorks). Next time I think Im going upstream near Middlebury.
  7. was the jeep an older wrangler and was it black?