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  1. Haven't been able to post recently because of computer problems, but I just moved back to Kent from Southeast Ohio, and had a chance to go out fishing about a week ago. I hit a few of my old spots on the Hoga right in downtown Kent and managed about 3 small smallies, and about 6 rockbass, one being a fairly decent size. It was mid day, sunny, and hot, so I was surprised I even caught anything. I was switching it up a lot, but most fish came on either a silver countdown rapala, or a tiny crank running cross-stream. Managed a few rockbass on a charteuse twisty. It's good to be back near my old spots.

    Now, if I can jsut find a place to hunt... any help? ;)
  2. How long ago did you move away? I grew up in kent but never really fished the river. I live in the Akron area now and am always looking for new fishing spots. I did fish below the dam in the past but now thats gone. I was a graduate in the class of 86 from Roosevelt.!$

  3. I went to school here at KSU from 2001-2006, worked here 2006-2007, then my wife and I moved down to Muskingum county following her work for a year. Wasn't the best situation, so now she has a job back up here at KSU, and we actually live on campus. There are some decent holes all through the area, both above and below the dam. Just find any slack water behind rocks in the fast stuff, and any of the slower holes. More slow water in the Fred Fuller area, which is where I HEAr they say some pike have been caught. Still working on that one.
  4. There have definitely been some pike caught in that area of the river. I have caught several there myself, Its usually easier to find them in the early spring and in the fall, not sure where they go during the heat of the summer but they are a lot harder to find.

  5. Welcome back... I get home to kent in the spring each year and hit the river. The smallie action gets better each year. If you want some good pike spots pm me.
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    good luck out there
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    Down river from Kent there are places where the water from underground springs, seeps out into the river, the water temp is about 6-7 degrees cooler at those spots, and the pike hang out near those spots in the summer, I lost a monster pike at one of those spots. Try down river past the little bridge to the ballfields in the park along the river. wading is best, and water level has to be up a little bit.
  8. Has any one fished Middlebury Rd access area since they removed th dam?