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Hoga fishing.... below dam

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bgpark1, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. bgpark1

    bgpark1 Catching and Releasing

    Hit the river last night for the first time this year.... due to all the rain... will it ever stop.... no rain for 7 days and that water is still high.... about 2 feet above norm.... a lot of changes since last year as many banks are washed out.... holes were holes were not before... sand bars formed.... and a load of trees everywhere (in the water)... had a hard time wading but managed a couple of smallies.... bigiest one was 16-17 inches and gave me a great fight right in the current.... with storms coming in looks like my second trip to the river won't be for a few more weeks :mad:
  2. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    The river is still high??? The Tusc. and Chippawa Creek are way down though there is still good flow.
    I know, different river systems, different dams and different release rates. I don't know of any dams on the Cuyahoga that have the ability to release water, just low-head dams and the Ohio Edison dam.

  3. What should the flow cfs be for good fishing on the Hoga?
  4. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    flow rates below 82 need to be in the low 300's to get good fishing/safe wading. anything above that is pretty high. I fish down there almost daily for about the past 19 years. 16 - 17" smallie is an awfully nice fish from down there. Only have caught a few like that in years I have been down there. I generally fish the flyrod now but have fisehd it with spinning gear for many years. Did get a nice Walleye there last year and several big white bass. Never fish the dam as it is crowded and best fishing is quite a walk.
  5. Bnichs

    Bnichs ...

    The Water Level in Kent, Above the Monroe Falls Damn doesn't seem to be that high anymore but it is still Muddier than Normal.

    It's usually pretty clear above where Plum Creek Feeds in, pretty muddy as of right now.

  6. bgpark1

    bgpark1 Catching and Releasing

    I fish the cascade valley portion... and i must say normally i catch 3-5 10-14" in smallies everytime i am down there not to mention the tons of 6-10" every couple casts... but that water is still high.... think the cfs is normally 220-260... the other night i checked before heading down on the US water site said it 290.... i felt warry about walking in holes over my waist cause there were quick drops in someplaces that were not there last year and the current was pushing me hard..... last year i caught a # of white bass for the first time down there... biggest ..... anyway always looking for a fishing buddy to wade with so contact me after the water levels drop if ya want to meet up.... Later!!!
  7. I live near the Munroe Falls dam and it is still high here. What dam did you catch the smallie below? Edison? Haven't waded that in a long time. Might give the river a try here in the next week or so.
  8. crawdad

    crawdad Father and son fishing

    were is a good place to catch some strippers and smallies.
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