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  1. Now that the Munroe Falls dam has been removed (maybe two yrs back), does anyone have thoughts about how this has influenced fishing?
  2. Well I have not seen it, but I think they left all the muck and silt behind the dam for hundreds of feet. This I think will just add more silt and smaller particales down stream, and this of course will create less dissolved oxygen. O and not to metion less wadeable areas!

  3. Used to be a good spot. To bad they ruined it.
  4. The fishing is still decent, but it seemed like there were more pike above it before they took it down. There used to much more fishable areas.
  5. The pool behind the old dam was stagnant with very low DO levels. The spillway was so loaded with silt, the only thing it was good to fish for was carp. Without the dam, the river will have a chance to flush itself or excess silt and nutrients. It will take time to create new fishing holes, but it will. The dam also was a barrier for fish migration as pike could not swim upstream to spawn in the vegetated tribs such as breakneck creek. Give it some time to establish.
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    The first year after they removed that dam (06) was my best pike fishing year to date. Since then the pike fishing has steadily declined for me. My smallmouth catches, however, have increased in number, and size. I guess the removal has changed where both species hang out.

    I hear a lot of people say that the fish are all gone now, but they've got to still be in there somewhere.
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    I think that the fishing will improve, I was at the dam area recently, and fishing a twister jig, i caught and released about 20 small crappie, and a couple of smallmouth in about an hour. Walked all the way down almost to waterworks park, lots of good looking holes and wood, but didn't have waders on to fish them. The greatest improvement that can be done on the hoga is the removal of the dam at gorge park in the falls, if that case is won by the city in court, then we will be able to catch steelhead in downtown kent.
  8. I doubt that steelies would make it to Kent even when (if) the dam at gorge park was removed. If I remember correctly, a large natural waterfall was covered by the dam to harness power, which would keep the steelies from getting past it - natural or manmade. This is similar to the set of sandstone falls on the east branch of the rocky river. The largest falls are natural and are the barrier to steelie migration.
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    my boss lives very close to that area. it was his bread and butter fishing hole. now he said it just plain sucks to fish. not as many or as big of fish in the area.
  10. If they take down the Rockwell dam, then there will be some rockin fishing in Kent.