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'Hoga 9/5

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tmerk, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Hit the Chuckery for a couple of hours after work yesterday. Ended up with 7 smallies, biggest went about 10", everything else was 6-8." Even had one that was about 3"! I'm always amazed at how agressive these awesome sport fish are. Anybody else been doing any good in the 'hoga?
  2. I fished the hoga in Portage County on Wed. Caught six little dinks and one that had to go atleast 18 inches. I think I have caught this fish a couple times earlier in the summer. The fish broke water twice and put up a hell of a fight. This is the latest in the year I have fished the river and I was suprised to catch two largemouths. They were also small. My buddy managed to catch 4 nice rock bass also. I have had better days on the river but it was still fun. The hoga is truly a great fishery. If it stays warm I may hit it one more time this year.

  3. It is a great river. I hit it again today, upriver from the Chuckery to the high level bridge. Ended up about the same: 8 smallies, all about 8-10" and one nice crappie!:D The action was pretty fast until about 4:00 when the clouds rolled in; I'm assuming a front is/was approaching, because they just shut down at that point.:confused: Good day, though....those fish are a blast on an ultralight rig!:D
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    Hit 5 small smallies(8"-12") down by front street in about an hour yesterday. Just throwing a pop'r anywhere in 1-3ft. of water and they were smashing. They were very active but no big boys. Also hit the hoga; monday morning with a buddy and he got his first pike at 25". We havent been having too much luck down there lately but its just a matter of time.:)
  5. I haven't been fortunate enough to catch a pike out of the 'hoga you have much luck for them below the dam, or is my time better spent up above the falls?
  6. Got out for a couple of hours yesterday morning with my daughter. We fished by Front street. She caught one small crappie and I caught a 15" largemouth using a plastic worm.