Hoga 7-9-07

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  1. Fished the hoga in Kent yesterday with some good success. Fished north of the dam, caught tons of smallies, mostly little, one that was about a pound. Also caught a nice-sized crappie in the Brady's Leap area. I also caught a few creek chubs on a rapala, which I thought was wierd. Lot of rock bass too. I moved up to the cemetary and I caught a few of what I thought might be White Bass, but I am having trouble identifying it. You could see them slip to the side in the water, flashing a bit of silver. Any help? Here it is.


  2. Cool thanks, I wasn't sure because of the black line down it's side. Thing fought pretty good on light tackle though!
  3. Has anyone fished the hoga just upstream from the parks HQ and brandywine? Me and my friends were exploring the river a little last week and we came up on this hole that had a ton of fallen trees in it and a really deep pool. We couldn't really figure a good way to fish it but I saw some really huge fish in there. I Saw one jump that was without a doubt the largest smallmouth I have ever seen. When it hit the water it sounded like someone did a canonball into the river. I also thought I saw a very large pike in there too but can't be sure, do pike move up this way in the hoga?
  4. I havent fished there, but I am sure there are pike around there. There are also a lot of carp too, so you might have seen them. Good luck on them smallies, I have been having success with a black and silver countdown rapala.
  5. Is it safe to wade the cuyahoga in Kent? I didn't know how dirty the water was. I am referring to wet wading with sandals or water-sox.
  6. I posted this type question a few weeks ago. I've been wet wading the Cuyahoga all around the Cascade/Chuckery/Oxbow area a few times a week for the last month. No ill effects at all. I love it and it sure makes it easy to cover a lot of water. I would expect farther upstream the water should be even cleaner. I'm usually alone, so my only personal rule is to not wade where I can't see bottom. In fact, I fought and lost a big smallmouth last night in the Cascade section (by the softball diamonds wall) when he wrapped the line around some rocks. I couldn't budge him no matter how many different angles I tried. Since I was alone, I didn't go in quite as deep as I would if there had been another angler there. If anybody nails a good one in that area with a rebel craw still in it's jaw, let me know!
  7. Ya, in Kent the water is fine. Still a lot of garbage that a-holes like to throw in there, but it should be safe for wet-wading. Downstream from Akron though is another story.
  8. Nice catch,I grew up in kent and know the area well.