"hoga" 6/25

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TIN_KNOCKER, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Fished the hoga today for the first time in 2 years. I was sure glad I went. I caught all fish on a Rebel Craw Fish crank bait. First cast was a 10" smallie!
    Second cast was a 24" Northern! Caught 8 smallies in all with three in the 14" range. The rest were all 6- 10 inchers. The water had a little stain to it today and I think that was the difference. The water is usually Gin clear when I fish it. Can't wait to get back. Hopefully this week end. I will definitely remember to bring my camera.
  2. what stretch did you fish?

  3. That's a secret. LOL. I fish the Upper Cuyahoga.
  4. Lol well good job on the catches!!
  5. I had a nice day down there too a couple days ago. Caught 10 smallies, 5 were in the 12-16 inch range and the others were about 8-10 inchers. 7 of them came out of the same pool all within a half hour. It was pretty funny too because I was down there with a friend who has been river fishing alot longer than I have and he only managed 3 and was getting so mad at me. Ever since I figured out what tubes work good in the rivers he hasn't been able to keep up. Now he wants to challenge me to a fish off, lol . He loves to fish using crayfish and they do work great but I keep telling him that by the time he catches his bait I'll already have 4 or 5 fish caught. Great thing about tubes is you don't have to catch them.