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hoga' 5-20 smallie action

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by zachtrouter, May 20, 2007.

  1. zachtrouter

    zachtrouter FISHAHOLIC

    Put the waders on and hit the hoga' tonight. I started down by waterworks and waded up river. About 20 minutes into casting the Pop' R I missed a nice strike by a sunken tree. 2 casts later I got him and he was the nicest fish of the night at 16 inches. I caught 5 more in that section of the river with 2 of them at 13inches. The other 3 were SMALL. Drove down by the Sheraton and walked it for about 30 minutes with 3 more smallies landed and 2 rock bass. I caught all 5 on Manns white crankbait which when I lost it I left.
  2. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    nice fish. alot like my evening.

  3. devildog#1

    devildog#1 hardcore fisherman

    Sounds like a good day. Junkyardbass and I have been hooking up with some in that size range in the rocky. We need to get to the hoga though if we ever want to wrestle with a pike! Hopefully we'll make it down there this year.