hoga 12-5

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  1. hit the hoga yesturday with some fantastic results. !# :G :p :C :T Caught about 12 nice sized smallies, and 1 LM with a fiesty attitude. ;) ;) ;) I also saw a couple magikarp frolicking around one of the deep pools. When i arrived i saw a gentleman and asked him politely how he did. He replied that he caught and snagged a quick photograph and released a nice sized steely on his brand new rod and reel combo. :B Man i tell ya what fellars, the river is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  2. Lewzer

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    I was shad hunting yesterday a little downstream of you. The river was raging in the Cleveland area. I also crossed it up by Mantua. It was pretty high that far upriver too.
    You weren't wading were you?

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    It was well over 1500 yesterday and chocolate milk. I'd say she doesnt fish till next week at best. I am down there daily either fishing or running so I have a pretty good gauge on when it fishes.
  4. Lewzer, I have to hand it to you. You sure get around.:)