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  1. I was looking on line for some alternitives from sand for footing in a round pen for training horses and came across what they call hog fuel and it is made out of wood like old stumps, logs etc.. it ground up and screend. It is supposed to have great drainage and be better than sand on the horses feet. I can not find it in Ohio so if anyone knows anything about this let me know I have found it out west and down in fl and that is it..
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    Thought Hog fuel was all you could drink before closing time so those gals that didn't look good to you at the start of the evening now becaome those that do Look good, know a few guys who would swear to that!

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    Isn't that the same stuff that they are grinding and dying black or red and selling for mulch? There is a place by me with a BIG "tub" grinder that they throw the stumps, butt logs and such in and it gets shredded, and screened like you said. you can get it un-dyed. All the tree services and land clearers and such, well anyone really that has this stuff to get rid of takes it there for free, they process and sell it. What a business huh?
    It's in Streetsboro close to rts 43 and 14