Hodgson today

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  1. anyone fish hodgson today ? just curious how you did
  2. i just got home and trying to thaw out. got two trout on my first three cast's.and that was it. other than some ice cold rain!!!!!

  3. I was there from 6am-8am (had to be at work @ 9, but couldn't miss my first opening day). I was over opposite of the boat stakes and didn't get a bite, but i was pretty far out on the point and the wind/chop was bad.

    I used a roostertail for awhile, tried a boober/maggot but the waves just make it too bad. I really should learn how to fish for trout :)

    I think I want to go back on Sunday, i work until 8am so I'll probably go out there afterwards. I need to get a boat stake out there..............

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I spent all day out there yesterday...I got nothing...

  5. fished for about 2 hours today (3rd). Caught 2 trout and missed 2 others. Used Powerbait and wax worms.
  6. I'm going sunday morning and I can't wait! I'll be land locked though, don't have time to get a boat out sunday...

    Where should I go from shore? Walk around the boat stakes and over by the dam?

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I have seen them caught at both the boat stakes and the dam. Seems like the bite goes in spurts...fish are schooled up and moving. I would think starting at either of those 2 areas would give you a decent shot at getting some. But what do I know, I didn't catch anything the other day.