Hodgson 9-1-07 AM

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  1. jonk540

    jonk540 jonk540

    Went to Hodgson today. Got a late start.
    Within the first 10 casts I landed a decent Bass. We thought it was on.
    W R O N G !!! Skunked the rest of the day. I took my son over by the dock at the lodge to catch some bluegill and that kept him happy.
    Hey Tom, was that you out there in the flat bottom??
  2. Hello Jon
    Yea! Jerry aka snag and I went out from 6:00am until 5:00 pm.
    I caught a 3# bass right off the bat, Then it slowed down big time!
    I caught one more keeper bass, and Jerry caught a bass and a 19" Walleye!
    We threw everything at them, But they wouldn't hit? Plenty of baitfish around, But the fish didn't seem hungry? But I had a great time on the water! Thank You Jerry.


  3. snag


    Tom, it was a slow day but still fun,those basses were real picky today but thats fishin,another day we,ll get em,those bass are going to put the feed on soon,thanks for the pointers i watch and learn.............Jerry
  4. Jerry
    It was fun indeed! We caught fish at least lol! And You got your Walleye while bass fishing!!!!!!!! Way to go Jerry.

    Good fishing buddy