Hocking/Whites Mill Fall tips

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Steelheader88, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. got the homework done and got out to whites mill for the first time today. 10+ lbs cat and a few smallers and 1 saugeye, got out there at 10:30 so I cant complain. Does anyone have any information or tips for fall fishing there or any behavioral info of the fish, I am mostly pursuing crappie and saugers. Thank You
  2. RiverWader

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    What were you using for Bait?

  3. Sauger fish will pick up as the water cools some more. You can get into some great white bass action there this time of year.
  4. was mostly throwing 1/8 jig heads with white grubtail spinners, produced the big fish and 1 small sauger. all others caught on jig and worm. I got there late and all action ceased at noon.
  5. go out at night and throw swimbaits... you'll atleast pick up some flatheads and sauger. I've never done great there in the fall but I havnt fished it near as much as the spring. wait for some rain, you might get lucky and find hybrids up there.
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    Try a matzuo 0-2 ft crank in low light, fall can be really good there.