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Hocking River

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by StuckAtHome, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    Looking at aerial pictures of the hocking river, is it a good (great?) smallmouth river that can be kayaked? I bet the clearfork that dumps into it is a bit small for my yaks but that might be a good starting point. I also found alot of loading and unloading spots for the licking river, but don't know much about it, any info would be great, don't want anyone hotspots, just general stuff so I can decide if its worth trying. And I'm bringing my raingear this time...:)
  2. The hocking is a great smallmouth river and it can be kayaked. Clearcreek dumps into it and would be easier to wade than kayak. Also a decent amount of spotted bass in the Hocking.

  3. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    speaking of the hock, im going on a float trip near athens this weekend. How is the water quality right now? thx for any feedback.
  4. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Hocking is one of the top SMB fisheries in the state. Clearcreek has some deep holes, and trout too!
  5. Mushijobah

    Mushijobah Urban Angler

    Oh yeah, the hocking is very kayakable.
  6. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    I have heard good things about the Licking River, but I honestly don't know if it is yakable or not.

  7. StuckAtHome

    StuckAtHome Mad SOT YAKER!

    So the Hocking would be a better choice sounds like to you guys? I probally won't get a chance to scout it out before we head down, so I'll start looking at aerial maps for put in and take out spots that the vechicles will be safe at, thats the hardest part of kayaking I think. Also I have my father at Licking Mem. Hospital in Newark(new knee) and on my GPS I saw a creek that runs right along rt 79 north of Buckeye to newark, is that a branch of the licking, I couldn't find anything on microsoft maps( labeling it, and I didn't see any road that crosses it on my way there last night, and the misses told me to keep my mind on my father, not the yak, anyone else get this?
  8. Titanium Reel

    Titanium Reel Banned

    Not sure if it is still that way, but I believe you are NOT allowed in Clear Creek, nor do I believe you are allowed fishing it. I know years ago you sure wasn't allowed. I watched a few deal with the cops because they was fishing it. You may be allowed to wade and fish it now, but I would check if I was you before I went for it.
  9. streamstalker

    streamstalker deleted

    I think you are looking at the South Fork of the Licking River. Then right near the hospital you have Raccoon Creek running parallel to Rt. 16 for a stretch. It also empties into the Licking.
  10. Ultralight

    Ultralight Crupi Wannabe

    I fished a short stretch of the Licking River this past spring. It was a slow day fishing wise, but the river was beautiful. I forget exactly where I was , close to XYZ hiking trail, but it looked very yakable.

    Don't know how shallow it gets in the summer, though.

    Please post reports if you decide to go!