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Hocking River Smallies

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by skeeziks, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has been fishin' for any smallies in the Hocking River, around the Nelsonville area with any success? Thinkin' about headin' up that way in early April.
  2. I do the majority of smallie fishing in the Nelsonville area towards Logan. Seems to be the best for numbers and quality. I haven't fished it yet this year but hoping to before too long. THe river was looking good and green early this week but rain over the past two days have made it higher and muddier.
    Post some results if you make it out.

  3. also try south of there..........i still have a buzz bait hanging in a tree down there..............i want it back shoutl have retired it. 9 smallies 9 casts. #10 went in the F ing tree

  4. OU- Have you tried the stretch of the Hocking around campus? It seems shallow and doesn't look very fishy, I was just wondering.
  5. Hey BobcatJB, I never thought to give it a shot because as you said, it doesn't look very fishy. However I heard from 2 RELIABLE sources that the stretch around campus has lots of fish and can be good. Look for the deepest parts of the channels in bend areas. I'm anxious to try it this year, I think minnows would be the ticket!
  6. I did that train ride last fall and it crosses over the river a few times and there looked to be some nice spots. I would love to get back in there and fish. Where are some public access points around Nelsonville?
  7. Twistertail,
    I believe that the parking area next to Hocking at the train loading station is free parking for fishing. If you cross the tracks on Hocking College Parkway at the train station, a driveway leads to parking immediately to the left. If you continue west on 33 towards Logan, there is a Wayne National Forest trailhead to the right right before the 4 lane highway starts. Also, if you take a left at Dee's Diner before the 4 lane and then look to the left when you cross over the river, there is a dirt road to the left along the river. I have parked at a pull-off spot there a few times for half day trips. I don't think it's an actual public access point, but other people use it.
    it might help to call the ODNR office in Athens, might provide some info. I'm here in Athens, maybe we can hook up for a trip on the Hocking this year.
  8. Sounds great to me. I have a canoe that we can use if there is a good put in and take out spot. We'll keep in touch and try to do it this year. Maybe late may or early june?
  9. Early June would probably work cause it will probably be finals week and majority of last work for classes should be done. I have a float tube that I use in the area for deeper spots but majority of area I've fished between Dee's Diner and Nelsonville is wadable. I will stop by the ODNR office here in Athens and see if there are any pubic put-in places listed.
  10. hey oufisherman,

    I would love to come down there sometime if you are for it someday...LOVE to catch river smallies...any smallie actually is good for me...if you know what I mean....tony
  11. Eye4neye, sounds good to me. Maybe we could meet in middle around Logan when looking at your location. I've heard the Hocking around Logan towards Nelsonville can be good, but never fished it.
  12. if you guys keep this up your gonna have more company then you know what to do with.

  13. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Wow this takes me back. I use to fish the heck out of the Hocking.

    The Logan area is the best.