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Hocking River, last week of June

Discussion in 'Trade-A-Trip - Share trip with another OGF member' started by oufisherman, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. I will be fishing the Hocking river in the area west of Nelsonville hard on the last week of June. My wife will be out of town for the whole week and I'm going to get out and hit the water hard. Hopefully the water levels will be close to normal by then (if June stays dry!).
    I would love to get out and fish with any fellow members. If anyone would like to hook up, just shoot me a PM or e-mail me at Have a good one.
  2. I would love to wade the Hocking. Let me know the dates your are thinking about and i might be able to make it down on the weekend one day. If you want to come up my way one day through the week in the evening we could fish Big Darby. I get off work at 5:00 and could meet you about 5:30 and get several hours in before it gets dark.

  3. Hey Twistertail, it'll be the 28th of June 28-July 3. If you want to combine on the Hocking on the weekend, Saturday the 3rd would probably work the best for me. We could meet up early in morning & park vehicles at both ends of trip.
    I would love to meet and fish the Darby one of those evenings. Is the Big Darby around the Circleville area? 5:30 would probably work for me on any night except Wednsday. Thanks for the interest and let me know if this sounds good.
  4. I will see what i can work out for the 3rd. I will talk to ya later in June and get a day set up for through the week for sure to hit Darby. We should be able to get into some smallies, rock bass, sunfish, maybe even a few white bass and even catfish hit on a twistertail once in a while, even a few sauger here and there. I live in Cricleville and where i fish is just about 10 minutes from my house. We could meet at my house or in town or at the creek. Hopefully I will be able to make it down and fish the hocking on saturday. What do you usually catch?
  5. A little variety sounds like fun! On the Hocking my main goal is smallmouth, with an occassional rockbass. I love to throw the tubes around any wood structure (log, stump, tree roots, etc.) and I will also throw small crawdad crankbait or small spinnerbait in the riffle and pool areas.
    Hopefully this works out and weather cooperates, I'm itching to get into smallmouths. The stretch west of Nelsonville seems to hold both numbers and size from my limited experience!
  6. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I hope for your sake all this raqin comes to and end before then..Or all the rivers will still be unfishable.
  7. Tell me about it. THe Hocking is still pretty high and muddy right now. I hope the rest of the year isn't like this!
  8. hocking is pretty good right now, atleast it looks like to me

    plan to hit darby this week
  9. The Hocking is back down to normal summer levels. I was out just this week for 2.5 hours without a fish. I tried a different stretch a little harder but was shut out. My only 2 trips on the Hocking have been rough this year. Hopefully this fall will be a different story!
  10. hocking was up today after the rain

    we'll have to meet up again and maybe get some fish this time and not freeze our butts off doug!
  11. I should have most of August free to get out some weekend maybe. Next weekend I'll be taking my wife to a concert.