Hocking River 8/15 TR

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  1. Floated below Logan with a couple friends. Caught some fish, emptied the cooler, and everything went back where it came from in both cases. not that I mind eating a few fish, just not set up to canoe and keep.

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    How many did you end up catching altogether?

  3. Just shy of 30 fish, almost all SM. I think we had two Gills and one Rock Bass. Mostly flipping tubes or twisters, a couple on worms for the 6 yr old and one on a chartruese plug. Didn't get on the river till noon.

    Lots of wood in the river made handling the big 17' canoe a bit tough. Never went in but got pinned against a couple and took in water getting past. The Aquapod was way more nimble and had less trouble though even he walked through a couple spots to take no risk with the boy.
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    Gonna hit the rivver this weekend, from the shore on my property in Coolville to start