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  1. I will be in Nelsonville all weekend. Was just wondering how the Hocking is fishing now? Maybe a few access points. We will be wading. I assume that the smallmouth bite has begun but I may be wrong. if not where else would one find some decent fishing over the weekend?
  2. RiverWader

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    The Hocking is kinda High right now , and with the Rain We are going to get Wading would NOT be a good idea, Burr Oak spillway has been pretty good lately With Crappies and a few saugeye, And any other late spillway would work also .ut if the Rain stays away Ill post a few locations to try this weekend on the Hocking .

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    The Hocking hasn't been fishable for me since Christmas.
  4. just came back from the hocking hills area and followed the hocking all the way back to coolville. I dont think I'd be wading it right now, and especially not after the rain tomorrow.
  5. thanks, looks like i will have to try something else. how far is burr oak in relation to athens?
  6. RiverWader

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    Burr Oak is about 20 minutes north on St. Rt. 13 from Athens
  7. Sounds good, I think we will try that spillway. Any advice? I don't fish for crappie up here so i'll be relatively new to it. I would assume small jig/twister tails and other small crappie lures would work.

    Also, could someone possibly give me some rough driving directions? Tried to mapquest it but wasn't working for me.
  8. Fishman

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    Fox Run lake spil way use to be rediculously good for crappie as well. I'm just gonna let the cat out of the bag as I don't live down there anymore. Honestly the spillway is about 15 ft wide and 15 ft long (it looks laughable) but the early bird gets the worm there are far as crappies go.
  9. RiverWader

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    Minnows under a bobber work best, you can get your bait at the new Trimble baitshop, Its on Valley Street (740) 767 3405. But you can catch them on the usual Crappie baits as well.