Hocking Fri

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ckfowler, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Will be terrorizing the Hocking Friday with some friends from out of state. Hope we can get into the smallies and maybe even slip over to Clear Creek to check on the trout though they are mostly tackle tossers.

    Anybody know how long a float from Logan to Dee's above Nelsonville would take or have a take-out suggestion in Logan if we start at Clear Creek?
  2. If you put in at Clear Creek you could float to Logan where there are two canoe liveries. I believe you can park at Rempels Grove (Old Dutch Restaraunt). The livery is just below that. It will be the second livery when you come down the river and it is on the one on the right. The way I fish and just float that would be about an 8 hour float. I have been catching around 15-20 smallies per float through that stretch.

  3. Thanks! That was where I figured to take out then someone sugegsted floating the next section down instead and pulling out just above Nelsonville instead. Not familiar with that section at all, been years since I've been even in the area and then it was more for Clear Creek.