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  1. I've got the urge to try and catch some big catfish out of the Hocking around Athens. What kind of setup should I use to rig up bluegills for flatheads? What size bluegill is optimal? Is there anywhere close to Athens where I can buy frozen cut shad for channel cats?
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    I know we could have coorisponded easier on AIM, but in the Scioto I tended to use a 3 way rig when I had the 3 way swivels. My bait line would be about 18" and my sinker line about 12". 2 OZ. sinkers is what we used..but that depends on current. I also used fish finder type rigs (slip sinker above the leader swivel). I used a 15" mono leader there. Hope that helps.

  3. i use something like your fish finder type....i first put on a 3 oz egg slip sinker....place a split shot about 24 inches up the line from where the hook is and place a #1-7 hook one but the hook size depends on bait size and what i am fishing fori also use this rig for channel cats it seems to work great in the muskingum river but as musijobah said your sinker size depends on currents
  4. Cats were biting well this afternoon, fished for about 2 hours and landed over 15 channels with 2 around 28". All fish came on liver from a slackwater eddy
  5. I went to Hocking College and fished for cats in the Hocking a couple times a week. We would go to lake logan and throw net shad. Cut shad produces better than any bait i've tried. I used goldfish and warmouths for shovelheads in a few holes and got a few over 20 pounds,but I caught more shovels off of cut shad and channles kill that bait. I never caught a channel under 5 pounds out of that river. We fished a lot by the bridge that takes you back to hocking college off of 33. The one next to Burger king. It's not very deep there, but it produced a lot of channels and the occasional shovelhead. The Athens strecth is a lot better for shovelheads. I just rigged a swivel with a one ounce egg sinker above it. 30 pound test for a leader anywhere form 6 to 14 inches depending on the current. Less for heavy currnet more for slack current. Cut bluegill works ok if you don't have shad.
  6. i use simple carolina rigs, 2-4ounce no roll sinkers. nothing but circle hooks 5/0-6/0 for cut and 8/0 for live. on the hocking you can catch big channels on aything you throw out, i tend to keep it simple and just take some gills, cut shad or sucker is also very effective. the flatties in the river are easy to catch on cutbait day or night, but i take bigger fish on live at night, 5-12in redhorse and carp, or live gills. you really cant go wrong on the hocking there are so many cats in there.
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    Theres an old dam out behind Nelsonville movie theater that has some great catfishing around it .
  8. theres no fish in that spot!!!!!!!!:p