hocking area fishing

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by luckylure69, May 20, 2008.

  1. just wondering if anyone is doing any good anywhere around here...looking maybe for some tips and tricks im kind of new to the area...preferrably tips on lake logan, dow lake, burr oak or maybe even waterloo...thanks guys
  2. It might help if you ask what species of fish you are looking to catch and will you be fishing from shore or by boat.


  3. well im looking for anything bass bluegill crappie sauger/saugeye anything i just want to catch some fish!
  4. Lucklure,

    I have been doing pretty good at Lake Logan the past couple of weeks catching some gills using live worms and bobber. If you are looking to catch some crappie, I would try fishing near fallen trees using minnow and bobber or crappie tubes.

  5. Yea Lake Logan is a vey good lake to fish. Tons of sauger in there. I fish for cats and have caught a lot of huge channels and shovelheads on the back side of the lake.
  6. awesome thanks for the info everyone keep it coming...fished logan today parked at the boat launch parking lot and walked down the trail till you couldnt anymore. caught a bluegill, a few redears, couple white crappies, channel cat and had a largemouth on but got off, smaller size. cat was pretty big prolly bout 2 pounds. anyone else doing anything else?