hocking - 23 september

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dougers, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. did a float just south of athens. ended up with 6 and my buddy had one. odd thing though, they were all large mouths, no smallies. still tight to the wood im wondering when the smallies are going to go crazy and start feeding heavy. thought it would be around this time.
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    Dougers, Weve been catchin alot of Smallies lately. Did you throw Tubes and things again Yesterday?

  3. yeah, ill be honest, i have never had such a hard time catching fish. all of our fish came towards dusk after fishing for a couple hours. the fact that we didnt get any smallies sort of confuses me even more. i thought maybe they were just in a lull and going to get hot pretty soon, but if you are catching a good number, maybe i need to try something a little different. the other day, i really felt like the fish were just reacting to the bait as opposed to preying on it. i was pretty disappointed both days because holes that i "knew" a fish would be in, produced nothing. i might head out thursday evening with some different set-ups. i have a few ideas id like to give a whirl.