Hitting up the Chagrin this morning 10/18

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  1. Gonna be driving in from Columbus around 7 AM to test my luck for some Chromes this year.

    Starting at Chagrin River Park and heading south from there.

    If you see a guy in brown waders with navy blue hoodie and not catching fish (LOL) say hello.
  2. You might want to wait on this . River is coming up again so it probably getting muddy. Might be good idea to wait till next weekend if possible.

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    probably gonna be alot of guys in brown waders not catching fish lol
  4. well i started off close to the chagrin river park and worked my way down towards daniels park.

    i did get shut out but it was good to see the fish were in there. Altogether i saw about 12 being caught by different people.

    I used red spawn sacs and didn't get any sort of reaction from the fish. I might go back up there in november with some spoons.

    I noticed that the group of people at daniels park were catching them on Hot n Tots. I might have to try those out too.

    water conditions were pretty muddy and cold.

    ...might have to get someone to show me how to catch these things consistently.
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    hot n tots u sure??? never heard of that
  6. yea i was really confused too.

    they were throwing those things like they were trying to catch bass. i talked to some of the people there to see how they were catching them and they ewre either suggesting chartreuse spawn sacs or blue/chrome hot n tots.
  7. I started throwing hot'n tots 3 seasons ago. I would just go behind the dam and let it out with some line. let the current take it and give it a rip every now and then. it was quite productive for me.
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    Flat Fish work good as well, my motto is if it looks like a bait fish they will eat it it doesn't surprise me one bit they were using tots.
  9. i caught my first steelhead on a firetiger matzuo deep diver a few years ago after having no luck with the jig and maggot for my first two+ years of fishing for steel. i found it extremely effective but it definitely has it's downsides. when i first started i lost a lot of lures, from snags and from break offs. hated leaving a crankbait in the river or the fish.(they typically would go berzerk when I hooked them with the crankbait), now I got 8lb vanish transition and haven't had a breakoff in over a year (I'm sure most of that is due to how i set my drag now). i also hooked into one of my biggest and freshest ever and fought it downstream, unfortunately i left my pliers in my bag, tried to take the crankbait out with my bare hands, and next thing i know i had a hook all the way in my finger, the fish was flopping around like crazy, it was an ugly scene. thanks again to the guy who saw my struggling and helped me out. now i carry about 5 sets of pliers with me. and try to use my fly rod as much as possible. but if things get slow, I'll bust out a shallow fry or a fingerling crankbait. you can just stand at the top of a run and let them sit in the current, and slowly retrieve them up the run.

    i picked up a flatfish over the summer and look fwd to trying it out, I've heard good things.

    p.s. this is why i don't post much, I have trouble keeping it short and sweet.
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    I was in the chagrin yesterday for a few hours. Only gobbies on jib and maggot. One guy caught 1 fish at Daniels Park on a minnow. The water was low and slow...need rain to get things going.
  11. hmm im in the process of coming back up there in the next couple weeks. hopefully i can manage at least one. Can anyone pm me on where to get chartreuse colored spawn sacs?