hitting north res tonight

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  1. I am going to hit north res of portage lake this evening after work with my dad and would like to get him into some bass any help would be great thanks .
  2. Hit the lily pads.

  3. thanks wht do you use in the pads ? jigs spinner baits or what ? thanks for the help
  4. I've never really caught anything to brag about from North. Usually end up with a few small dink largemouths. I was just there a couple of days ago, caught a couple small largemouths right along sure with wacky rigged finesse worms. North is pretty good for decent size catfish though.

    I think you'd have better luck with bass across the street at Long Lake.
  5. If in a boat, head under the bridge on state mill (watch out for the big spiders) and fish the larger part of hower lake. The depth drops from 6' to 25'+ in a short distance. This part of the lake is an old farm pond before flooding, so provides the deepest water on the north res level. I've done well near the drop and on the 10-12' shelf near the houses early and late in the day. Back when the DNR stocked muskies in north, they would often head to hower to hang out in the deep water. If shorebound, park in the lot for the boat ramps and fish the portion off state mill road. Most can be waded.
  6. thanks we will be in a boat what do you use in the deeper water ?
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    Yep, what cranium said. Hower Lake has some big bluegills too. Or you can head to Nimisila. That's where I'll be tonight.

    Tubes, jigs and twisters or like me slipbobbers. Rapala Countdowns too.
  8. i was considering nimi tonight if i do hit nimi i will look for you and say hi lewzer
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    Hey William,
    I have to go to Autozone to have them check out a check engine light with their computer then I'm headed to Nimi.
    I'll be at the South Main launch ramp where West Nimisila Rd dead ends into the launch parking lot. I'll be there about 6:00.
    Maroon Chevy pickup w/ a maroon 14' Lund. I don't know where I'll be fishing since they supposedly sprayed and killed all fish nursery weeds.
    I hope they didn't ruin the lake.

    That's right, you know my boat. We fished Lake Erie last December. What will you be in?
  10. I used a chatterbait a couple weeks ago. Made one pass around the lilly pads and got 2 LM Bass. 15" Then we went fishing for some panfish with the kids.
  11. Carolina rigged worms or drop shot wacky worm. Head into the lake from under the bridge, keep going until you go past the last house on the right, with the flagpole. A couple of shallow water humps, then a big drop into the hole. Make a right past the last house and follow the shelf (10-12' depth) to the corner. Head out a bit and repeat, going a bit deeper each pass.

    I like to use rattletraps back there as well, at all depths. Hooked a few in there that I couldn't turn (muskies?). Also some big bass and a few 'eyes (erie dearies/pigmys bounced down the dropoff from shallow to deep. Would also catch some big bluegills in there when the weeds were allowed to take over.
  12. well hit north res with my dad fished from 4:30 untill 8:30 we ened up with 8 bass and los 3 more a peice. all but one caught on rubber worms . I got one on a spinner bait. thanks to all for the tips