hit the river early and hard

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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I took the day off work, checked the weather, and checked the river flow rates.

    Off I went with my King Salmon spawn sacks in 3 differant colors tied up, plus I had skein from a steelhead last year, plus I had cured singles.

    It took me a while to find fish. I thought I would try a new spot I found while scouting earlier in the year, but it didn't pay off.. I will go back to that spot in the winter, it will hold fish.

    Moved to a go too spot of mine. Smacked 3 fish within about 45 min. Then it slowed down.

    Moved to another spot and got 1 more, and made one last move and got another.

    Total for the day was 5 fish.

    Water was stained due to rain but we need a blow out to really get some decent numbers of fish in.

    All fish were small for some reason. Small and bright jacks.

    I took a photo of one and all the others I didn't bother to dig for my cell phone which is tucked inside the waders.

  2. Nice! Can ya tell us what river you were on?

  3. Nice Fish , now that is chrome !!!